susilMr. Sushil Jiwarajka, President, ILFI & Chairman and
Managing Director of Essjay Ericsson Pvt. Ltd.

He is the Chairman and Managing Director of Essjay Ericsson Pvt. Ltd, a Joint Venture between himself and LM Ericsson of Sweden. Mr. Jiwarajka has over 35 years of rich experience in all aspects of business, with a special focus on finance, strategy and negotiations. Over the years, Mr. Jiwarajka has set up Joint Ventures and held long term partnerships with some of the world’s largest companies including Ericsson of Sweden, Matsushita of Japan, and H P Global Finance of the US. The Group turnover is USD 250 million.

He has also mentored and nurtured several young entrepreneurs, who are today running successful businesses. Recently, Artheon Group has entered into a joint venture with NorthStar Battery Co., U.S.A for manufacturing of various types of VRLA Battery. At present it is implementing a USD 10 million expansion.

He is also the Chairman of Omnigrid Micropower Company Pvt. Ltd., which is pioneering in rural telecom power with renewable energy using patented technologies.

In recognition of his contribution to industry and the entrepreneurial landscape, Mr. Jiwarajka has been appointed as Chairman of FICCI (Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry), WRC and Indo Arab Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Member of Frontier 100, a network of successful African, South Asian, US and European business leaders that aim to increase business growth and investment in frontier market.

The other positions include Past President ship of International Chambers of Commerce, All India Organization of Employers and Charter Member of The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE), Management Council, Member of World Trade Center, Mumbai and Member of American Business Club.

In these capacities, he has led and received several delegations across the globe with the Prime Minister of India and other senior Cabinet Ministers.

Mr. Jiwarajka still takes time out from his busy schedule to partake in various social causes supporting health education and environment. He has been actively involved with various charities and philanthropic organisations.