ILFI National Conclave on “Sustainable Airport Infrastructure” August 22, 2013, New Delhi

Infrastructure and Logistics Federation of India (ILFI) is organising a National Conclave on “Sustainable Airport Infrastructure” on 22nd August, 2013, at Institute of Defence Studies and Analyses (IDSA), New Delhi.

On behalf of ILFI, may I request you to block your diaries for the Conclave.

This Conclave would touched upon following topics:

  • Airside Infrastructure
  • City Side Infrastructure
  • Intelligence Terminal/ Green Terminal
  • Airport Infrastructure Development Fund
  • Theme Presentation and Panel Discussion

Brief about the Conclave:

A sustainable airport is a designed with consideration of environmental impact, dedicated to minimization of required inputs of energy, water and waste output of heat, air pollution – CO2, methane, and water pollution etc. This factor improves the life cycle of the airport also provide better operational efficiency and huge saving in economic terms. Many airports in India are expanding from a narrow concentration on operating as transportation centres to becoming economic hubs. Airports and variousindustryworking together can contribute to and facilitate not only economic prosperity, but also create social advantage for local and regional areas. This transformation of the function and business orientation of airports has been termed the aerotropolis or airport metropolis, where the airport is recognised as an economic centre with land uses in local and global markets. The conversion of an airport into a sustainable airport metropolis requires more than just industry clustering and the existence of hard physical infrastructure. It is further creation and on-going development of social infrastructure within proximate airport surroundings and the maximisation of connectivity flows within and between infrastructure elements. The establishment of an interactive and interdependent infrastructure trilogy of hard, soft and social infrastructures provides the necessary balance to the airport metropolis to ensure sustainable development of airport. Sustainability Issues are environment, economic and social. These areas address the various parameters to meet the objectives.

  • Environment i.e. Climate change, energy saving efficient airport lighting, Aircraft noise, Air quality in the terminal building, Sustainable transport, Waste management, Surface water, Water consumption, Wastewater, Biodiversity, Sustainable construction
  • Economic i.e. economic contribution
  • Social i.e. Community relations; Our people; Passenger experience; Health & safety; Airfield Safety &Security

Target Group for participation:

  • Airports Authority of India
  • Regulator
  • Airlines
  • Ground handlers
  • Airport developers
  • Tenants, concessionaires and contractors
  • Other businesses and companies at the airport
  • Passengers and visitors
  • Local communities
  • Local and National Government
  • Sustainability and corporate responsibility opinion maker

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